There are millions of web development frameworks that are available nowadays in the market. But the task of choosing a web development framework for any company will put you in a dilemma about which framework to select and which you should go with. Setting a perfect web development framework will help you achieve your goals and be convenient to use. While choosing an ideal framework of your choice, make sure that it is popular enough with strong community support, and it must be high on demand in the existing market.

Let’s discuss a few web development frameworks :

1.Angular: Angular is one of the easiest client-side frameworks with a very sharp learning curve. After the failure of AngularJS in 2016, Google created Angular. It is extensively prevalent in today’s industry because Google has developed it. If you have a good development team with good back-end experience, you should surely go for this framework.

2.React.js: React is one of the web development frameworks that has gained popularity as a JavaScript based client-side framework. The features of React have made its popularity in the web development technology for developers around the globe. React is one of the most innovative frameworks with some of the best features: one-way data binding and declarative programming. If your developers are much experienced in JavaScript, you should surely go for React.js.

3.Vue.js: Introduced in 2014, vue.js is a combination of the features of AngularJs and React.js. It also has very high community support. Vue.js is Possibly the most popular web development frame book which is available For web development. It is much like Angular in the case of two-way data binding with Virtual DOM and Event sourcing features. If you have a large enterprise willing to create advanced web applications, you should surely go for vue.js.

4.Spring: Spring was created in 2002. Since then, it has been going through many rounds of development. Thus, it is the best choice of a java based framework. In the case of making a java relevant platform for cloud computing, there is hardly any other app as useful as spring. This framework allows you to provide everything for the app development, including data sources and cloud development. It is designed basically for large scale app development.

5.Flask: Next on our list is Flask which was developed back in 2010. Flask is a micro web python-based framework. The Popularity of Flask is increasing day by day because python is the top-performing programming language worldwide. Flask is a server-side rendered and a micro web framework. So if you are making a very basic application with the least number of features, go for Flask.


All in all, it is up to the organization’s requirements and the developers’ skills that will be for selecting a web development framework.