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Throughout your career, you are searching for ways to advance and improve. To join our worldwide team of experts, we are searching for the best and the brightest. Leadership, creativity, and cooperation are highly appreciated at Lekhology.


Teams & Open Positions

Talent is Cultivated & Mentored by Us. Set Smart Career Objectives and Join us if you have a unique set of values.

Design & Content

Managing the Beauty part of the Brand.

Graphic Designer

• Experience : 0-2 Years
• Technology : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw or Other Design Softwares
• Must be creative with images

Content Writer

• Experience – 1-6 Months Minimum
• 10th Pass Certificate
• Must be Good with Content Understanding of Brand

Content Strategist

• Experience – 1-6 Months Minimum
• 10th Pass Certificate
• Must be Good with Content Understanding of Brand

Digital Marketing

• Experience – 0-6 Months
• Basic Knowledge of Computer
• Laptop is Required
• High Speed Internet
• 10th Pass Certificate
• Age Below 25

Product Development

Developing the needs of the brand.

Website Design

• Experience : 0-2 Years
• Skills : jQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Responsive Web Design, W3C Standards.
Must have knowledge of Bootstrap or capability to grasp it quickly.

Front-End Developer

• Experience : 0-2 Years
• Skills :   CSS, Javascript, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop

Back-End Developer

• A bachelor’s degree in programming, computer science, or a related area is required.
• It’s possible that you’ll need further schooling or experience.
• Fluency or knowledge of particular languages and operating systems, such as Java, PHP, or Python, may be needed.

• Strong knowledge of the web development life cycle, as well as programming methods and tools.

• Concentrate on improving efficiency, user experience, and procedure.

• Outstanding project and time management abilities.

• Strong problem-solving abilities, as well as verbal and writing communication abilities.

• Working alone or in a group is a must.

• Willingness to sit at a desk for long amounts of time.

Software Development

• With a solid IT experience, you’ll be able to lead a team in a hands-on manner (Software Development Life Cycle, encryption, etc.)
• Manage IT projects and divide them according to specific goals and resources.
• Take control of the project’s progress by monitoring the client’s requirements, conditioning, and monitoring the project’s progress.
• Assist in the creation of goods and their delivery to customers while making efficient use of existing resources.
• To get the best outcomes, define your objectives, describe your strategy, then make changes within the limitations you’ve set.
• Ascertain an appropriate working environment that allows the project leader to carry out the development process efficiently.
• Maintain a positive and healthy connection with clients, and make sure the project outcomes are easy to understand.
• Define the project’s progress and milestones, as well as time and resource allocation.
• Manage and lead work meetings, as well as conflict and crisis situations.
• Prepare a list of anticipated outcomes, as well as intermediate and final findings, and conduct evaluations.

Set of Desired Skills
• A minimum of four years of experience is required.
• It is essential to have excellent written and vocal communication skills.
• Ability to fulfil deadlines and a strong sense of responsibility
• Ability to lead a plan of action and see it through in a timely manner
• Self-motivated and capable of facilitating the project plan according to the budget plan.
• Project management expertise, both theoretical and practical
• Proven strategic planning, risk management, and people management expertise.
• Wise in decision-making, persuasion, and leadership

Android Application Development

A bachelor’s degree in software development, computer science, or a related field is required.
Java, Kotlin, or C++ programming skills are required.
Ability to utilise Android Studio/Flutter and the Android SDK without difficulty.
It will be beneficial if you have prior expertise as an Android developer.
Excellent proofreading and coding abilities.
Excellent teamwork and communication abilities.
You should be able to handle your task with little supervision.
Unwavering interest.


Foundation of our agency for the use of other  brands. 

Human Resources

• Experience : 0-2 Years
• Skills : Excellent Communication Skills
• Graduation : Any
• Must be Flexible with Shift

Sales Team

• Experience – 0-2 Years
• Excellent Communication Skills

Lead Manager

• Experience – 0-6 Months
• Laptop is Required
• High Speed Internet
• 10th Pass Certificate
• Age Below 25

Perks & Benefits

Benefits of working with us, Work with us and get the most from your creativity and skills. 

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